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Things to pay attention to when operating the winder

       Some female comrades have to put their own hair into the hat when they are working on the machine in the workshop, because sometimes the operation of the machine will twist the hair in, and the damage caused is not estimated. If you are just an intern, then it is recommended that you use the machine when you are looking for a child, or you should be operated by a skilled person. You are learning. The risk factor for risky operation is high and should be taken with caution.
        When the winder is used, cut off the power. Because sometimes the circuit is burned out, it will directly destroy the motor inside the machine. The price of a motor is expensive, just like some car repairs, it is more expensive than buying a car. It is necessary to pay attention to the operation of the specification, and some unnecessary losses should not occur as much as possible. At this time, the manufacturer is not compensable. It can only be said that when you buy again, you should make a discount and learn the lesson.

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